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Verse - "From Anger And Rage" (RVL020)

From the depths of an angry, lost generation's heart and soul comes the new CD/LP from VERSE entitled "From Anger And Rage". Serving as a follow up to the band's "Rebuild" CD/LP (Rivalry Records, August 2004), the new album is a manifestation of the band's growth, reflection, and their struggle to speak out against a world that is suffocating, silencing, and invalidating an entire mass of resistant voices. The song writing is more cohesive than ever, hitting harder, heavier, and with much more focus. The vocals are angrier, more personal, more desperate than those of the past, venomously lashing out at the status quo, pleading with the silenced and the fearful to rise and embrace the strength in our numbers. For those still burning inside, take heart: from anger and rage comes rebellion.

**CD licensed in the following territories:
- Japan territory: Alliance Trax
- Australia territory: Washed Up Records
- South American territory: Varsity Records

Aggression CD
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Rebuild DD6
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Aggression CD
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From Anger And Rage Poster
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State Seal Burgundy T-Shirt
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01. Weather To A Stone
02. Hard To Breathe
03. Start A Fire
04. Standing In The Ashes
05. From Anger And Rage
06. We Were Here (39th & Glisan)
07. Consume
08. Lost
09. No Rest In Leavenworth
10. Stolen
11. Follow Conform Repeat

  Onesheet RVL020

"These guys manage to take all of the anthemic qualities of so many similar bands, and avoid some of the familiar cop-outs that those same bands use. " More >>

""Verse has been cutting their teeth out on the road for the past few years and their latest efforts have paid off ten times."" More >>

" Filling this CD with of course anger, rage, emotion, and meaningful lyrics will have you listening on REPEAT for hours on end." More >>

"From Anger and Rage can be considered a truly unique and passionate hardcore record as it urges us to turn our frustrations into a force for positive change." More >>

"...‘From Anger And Rage’, is an album that takes their hardcore intensity and adds legions of imagination..." More >>

"Yeah, this is an excellent fucking band right here. That's all there is to it, my friends." More >>

"I'm convinced the album's third song, "Start a Fire," is the best Verse song to date." More >>

"The Rhode Island five-piece far surpasses their debut full-length Rebuild in just about every measurable characteristic." More >>

"I would venture to say this is even better than their previous effort, "Rebuild" They serve up the perfect amount of fist pumping sing alongs, melodies and lyrics." More >>

"“From Anger And Rage” is easily the best work to come from Verse." More >>

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