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The summer of 2001 was when it all began. Fresh out of high school, all the bands we were in had all broken up at about the same time. I had heard that Ted, Scott and Bob were jamming out in a trailer home that was in Ted’s backyard, and since Scott and I had been in bands together since we were sophomores, and Ted and I had been friends since 5th grade, I figured I’d show up and try to get involved. After pushing Ted from guitar to vocals and moving myself to guitar from bass, we recruited Sean and that was when college started. It was never anything really serious; we wrote a few songs at school and decided to record four of them at Jack Garrett’s studio and called it the "Yesterday is Gone" demo. We played around with names and one day decided on This Neverender, essentially because we had a show in February of 2002 and had to put something on the flyer. From that show through the November of 2002 we played the same 6 different songs. That got real old, real quick and without any growth in the band or eventually any fun with it, Sean left in September to play with another band and we recruited Matty Garrett as a step in. He clicked well right from the start, but he was really young compared to the rest of us. From November of 2002 through October of 2003 we wrote all the songs on the “not now. not ever.” CD with Matt on bass. Over those 8 months we played almost no shows. We had grueling practices on the weekends with each of us driving home from college (Oneonta, RIT, U of Buffalo) until summer hit when we practiced 3 times a week. All the while we were saving up tons of cash for the November recording dates we had made with Kurt Ballou at God City Recordings. Paying for your own recording at a well-respected studio without label help, we found out later, was going a bit above and beyond for a band… we’re still proud to say we did it. The band was finally taken seriously and to accommodate practicing and writing we all moved home and transferred to local colleges in the fall of 2003. This new direction pushed us to write songs that we would be comfortable playing for an extended period of time instead of just writing to play shows. After gauging the new seriousness in the band, the new member, and all the new songs we decided to change our name to Another Breath. We felt we had put a new life into the music we were writing and playing. In October of 2003 we lost Matt due to conflicts in time and interest. There are no hard feelings at all and we still love that kid to death. For the God City recording we got Sean to step back in on bass. After returning from the week and a half of recording Sean was back with us full time, setting the current lineup in stone. We did a small East Coast tour in January of 2004 playing with tons of great bands and meeting amazing people. Shortly after the tour we recorded four songs at Watchmen Studios with Doug White. We had dropped three songs off the God City recording that we weren’t happy with and wanted to make sure they still got released so we did them again and added a cover of Operation Cliff Clavin, a song that really meant a lot to Scott and I. We released those 4 songs as a demo CDR that we planned to sell until we had figured out a label and released the God City recording. We had been talking to Jan at Assault Records since the God City recording about doing a release on his Germany based label and ended up deciding to do the vinyl with him. We wanted the demo to still be around in the future and didn’t want to break up the flow of the “not now. not ever” songs so we decided to put both recordings on an LP, split up by the two different sides or the record. When we were on tour we had given Our Turn a pre-release CD at a show they played with us in Scott’s basement and then we ended up seeing them again in Allentown, PA. They said they were really into the demo and ended up giving it to Kyle at Rival Records. This worked out great because Rival turned out to be a perfect fit in terms of label for us. So here we are.

This band was built on years of friendship, trust, and a love for rock and roll and we hope that comes through in the music we play. - Jon

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