Another Breath
Posted on 2/13/2008
Over a Year Later

Posted on 12/20/2007
Every Start Has an End

Soul Control
Posted on 12/6/2007
Europe/New Record

Red Handed
Posted on 7/6/2007
This Summer

Go It Alone
Posted on 4/6/2007
we actually have a myspace



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Posted on 10/14/2011 by Kyle
Devotion orders have shipped! >>
Posted on 11/23/2009 by Kyle
Devotion LPs are in! Shipping soon. >>
Posted on 11/13/2009 by Kyle
eBay - Selling some of personal collection >>
Posted on 9/20/2009 by Kyle
Posted on 9/14/2009 by Kyle
RIVALRY Holiday Sale 30% off EVERYTHING!!! >>
Posted on 12/7/2008 by Kyle
Posted on 6/21/2008 by Kyle
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Devotion LP
Devotion LP
Devotion LP pre-orders up now!

Verse Aggression
VERSE Aggression available now!

Soul Control
Soul Control Involution
Soul Control Involution out now. You can also download on iTunes!

Red Handed
Red Handed Wounds Remain
Red Handed Wounds Remain out now. You can also download on iTunes!

Go It Alone
Go It Alone Histories
GO IT ALONE Histories out now!

Allegiance Desperation
ALLEGIANCE Desperation out now. Available for download on iTunes too!

7inch Single
ALLEGIANCE 'Out Of My Blood' limited 7inch single, out now!

Soul Control
Soul Control 7inch
Soul Control debut 7inch out now! Fans of BURN and BAD BRAINS are going to love this.

Go It Alone
GIA Histories 7inch
The new GO IT ALONE 'Histories' 7inch single features 2 exclusive songs that will never appear anywhere else!

Red Handed
Red Haned 7inch
Out now! The debut 7" from Rivalry's newest band, RED HANDED!