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Born from the ashes of legendary punk and hardcore acts Guiltripp, Sailor Punch, Millitant Intervention, Eji, and Extra stout, Killing The Dream formed in late 2002 when Eli (vocals), Isaac (drums), and Chris (bass) hooked up with Joel (guitar) and started practicing sparsely in between their collective 233456 other bands' schedules. Back then, practice consisted mostly of covering Kid Dynamite's "Shiner," writing songs that never saw the light of day, and Joel singing fantasy metal songs about the ancient forest of elves. In early 2003, while Embrace The End (Joel's other band) was on hiatus, the band was able to practice more often and write songs that would eventually wind up on the demo. In April of 2003 they recorded a five song demo with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate in Oakland. Unfortunately, Eli developed problems with his throat and the band was put on hold for a few months. Finally, after a long four months, and the addition of Bart on second guitar, Eli's throat got better and in August, the demo was finally done. The first show was on September 26, 2003 with friends and label mates Time For Living, plus Lights Out and Cross the Line. After playing a few more local shows, the band headed up on a short trip to the northwest, and shortly thereafter hooked up with Rival Records. Expect the bands' debut 7"/CDEP in early 2004, with plenty more shows and tours to follow.

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