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Coming straight outta Lynwood, More To Pride started in mid 2003 with 3 best friends Eddy, Richard, and Jesse. We all grew up together and always had different bands with and without each other. Most of our other bands (with different people) never worked out because of our musical differences. Since we all lived a block away from each other we'd always go to Jesse's house and practice for hours and make music that we all enjoyed but we never had a complete band because not too many people in Lynwood were into hardcore and not too many people in Lynwood were into hanging out with a bunch of 15 and 16 year old kids. But that never stopped us from doing what we loved the most - and that, of course, was music. Years later, we all eventually had other bands, I (Eddy) sang for a band, Behind Enemy Lines, Richard and Jesse had their own band, Bases Loaded (which fucking ruled, but that didnt work out too well). They had lost their drummer, singer, and guitarist, and I too had just quit my band. We were back to our old ways. Months later we started practicing again, with me on drums, Jesse on guitar, and Richard on bass. We were still on the look out for our complete band until one day while skating we met Seth and Elmer. The line up was just right! After practicing hard and playing a few local shows we decided to let go of Elmer for personal reasons. We were in need of a singer and tried out a couple of people, but luck was nowhere to be found. Richard one day stepped up to the plate and started writing lyrics to our songs and decided that he wanted to sing and we couldnt of been happier! Richard was the perfect man for the job, we were only a bass player short and remembered that our little punk rock friend, Nip, played bass in several punk rock bands. We called him up and he was all for it. Until this day we have no regrets of our up to date line up. More To Pride is about 5 straight edge friends who are all about having fun, going to shows, and making music.

More To Pride is :

Eddy Edge - Drums
Jesse Loaded - Guitar
Nip - Bass
Richard - Vocals
Seth - Guitar

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