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Posted on 7/6/2007

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Red Handed started in mid 2003 with band members Dustin (vocals), Jared(bass), and Chris (guitar). We were 3 young kids, just trying to pass the time by. A few months later Chris saved up enough money to buy a drum set, and dropped his guitar. After realizing we didn't want to be a drum and bass band, we decided to get our good friend Austin to play guitar for us. We would just hang out, and write some punk music every day we could. After awhile, Austin lost interest in the band, so we got our friend Craig to play for us. We wrote a couple songs with this line up, and did a lot of Black Flag covers to fill up the set. We played our first show in Dustin's garage in November of 2004. We played a few shows at local venues and at people's houses until we decided to have our friend Mark play guitar for us also. Our first show with the full lineup was August 6th 2005 at Unity Skate Shop. Unity would become the bands home venue until it eventually closed down, due to harassment from the police, and the local govern ent. Still together, better than ever, Red Handed doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Were just 5 best friends, having an awesome time, trying to get a message out.

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