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There has only ever been one goal that TIME FOR LIVING has ever set out to some good, straight up hardcore. They first started practicing together toward the beginning of fall in 2001. Originally, the band consisted of Donny (vox), Israel (bass), Gabe(drums), and an undetermined permanent guitarist. Everything seemed not to gel at first and was set on the back burner, as members were busy with other bands. At the time Gabe, the drummer, played in Lowlife, and Israel, the bass player, played in Intrepid AAF. After a few months, the idea of playing together resurfaced, and their friend Blaine, who was also playing in 240 (who have since renamed themselves Pains of Sleep), was locked down as being the guitar player. Songs started coming together and, in May of 2002, they recorded a demo. A month or so later TIME FOR LIVING played their first show. This lineup continued through that summer, then both Gabe and Blaine left and a new drummer, Nathan, and a new guitar player, Jordan, were recruited to join the ranks. This was almost seen as a new beginning for the band because of the growth in the songwriting that occurred. In March-May of 2003, TIME FOR LIVING took some time off to write and perfect some new songs, and they broke in another, newer drummer, Mikey, and the new bass player, Annie (also of Pains of Sleep), so that Israel could move to playing lead guitar. Later, in summer of 2003, this lineup recorded the band's debut full length "the Cheat is Not Dead". Jordan has since departed, and has been replaced with Dan, who played in Donny's previous band, Hardluck. In this relatively short period since TIME FOR LIVING played their first show, they've had the opportunity to play shows with the likes of hardcore heavyweights such as CHAMPION, PUNISHMENT, BANE, RINGWORM, COMEBACK KID, OUT TO WIN, DESPERATE MEASURES, SHELTER, POWERHOUSE, and many, many, many, more. If you get a chance, see them now....they're turning out to be a fast moving steam train that seems to show no signs of slowing!

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