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Please let everyone know who you are and what each of you do and where you are from....

Ted: Another Breath is Bob O'Neil - drums, Sean Barr - Bass, Scott Gillard - Guitar, Ted Winkworth - Vox, Jon Davis - Guitar/Vox and Colin Hackett - the dude. Basically we're just a bunch of friends. We're all from Fulton NY except Bob who is from Mexico NY

How did you come up with your band name and album name?

Jon: The band name came out of the idea we were trying to push with taking the band seriously. We had all been in a much less serious band together for a year and a half or so (This Neverender) and once we all decided that doing a band fulltime was something we were all interested in, we adopted a new name that described what we were doing to our music.

Ted: We were literally breathing new life into the band so that name seemed fitting. "Not Now. Not Ever." came from the experience of putting the CD out and represents how much we actually care about it. We don't want to be a band that comprimizes what we are about and we don't want our music to be a product. We aren't looking to "get huge" or "make it" we are just having fun. We don't want what we do to to become an avenue for some other motive. Not Now and Not Ever. We want to do this because its fun and we love it. This is our first real record and we wanted to get out on the right foot as a first step of continuing this band in the way we see fit.

How would you describe your sound to those that haven't heard your music?

Jon: This is a loaded question, but we tend to describe it as rock and roll with more intense vocals. Not rock and roll in the same sense as Ted Nugent/rock god assholes, but in the sense that what we're doing tends to lead to fun, youthful rowdiness.

Ted: We play a soundtrack to high fives, stage dives and pile ons with the occasional human pyramid, pillow fight or any other ridiculous thing that kids want to do to have fun.

Do you all have nicknames for each other? If you do what are they, and how did you come up with them?

Ted: Well Bob usually gets called Bab or Boob but that has no real significance. I've been called whitebread for the last few months because.. well I'm middle class whitebread I guess. Its funny. Other than that nothing too exciting.

What's in the works with your band that's exciting?

Jon: This July-August we'll be touring Europe. We're all pretty siked on that right now for obvious reasons.

Ted: Along with that tour comes the release of the "Not Now. Not Ever." LP on Assault records that we will be supporting along with the CD. I'm stoked to have a record with my name on it. I don't know why its such a big deal to me but it is. Also we just recorded a song for Costal Flooding Volume II which will be put out by Endwell Records out of Rochester. We're all pretty excited to be associated with that label because Scott Endwell is a solid guy and puts out records that have influenced us all.

What is the background behind your band, like how long have you been together, how did you come to be...?

Ted: I guess for the official story you can head over to and check out the bio but the condensed version is that most of us went to highschool together and we were all in bands at the same time. At one point we kind of joined together because we all had qualities that we thought would come together in a really good way. After we found our chemistry I really think we were right. We played around but last summer we decided to do this seriously and write the record. A few months later we recorded it and then Rival came along to put it out so now here we are.

Do you have any particular message in your music?

Ted: We don't have just one message except for to open your eyes and do things that are right for you. I write alot of songs about social pressures that make us do stupid things. Songs about how people starve themselves to be like pictures in magazines and about how kids buy things at the mall to create a false image that they think people will accept more than who they really are catch the tip of the iceburg on the record. When I sit to write songs though I typically go with whatever is bugging me at the moment and try to relay at least some message about how we live our lives. I think that my main goal in writing (if I can accomplish anything at all) is to promt people to simply think about how they live their lives... to always question why we do what we do and change that if we don't like what we see.

Have you ever faced a lack of support in a decision from someone you thought would always be behind you?

Ted: I think sometimes we all get let down when we need more support than we might be getting. I think alot of kids in hardcore can relate to that. I know when we first got our CDs I was so proud of us. I was so proud that our hard work was leading us down the road we wanted to be on and of course I wanted to share that with my parents. They just didn't get it. They told me they weren't bailing me out when I lost all my money and got scammed and that hurt but they didn't understand. It sucks but I know what I'm doing is right and feels so much more worthwhile than anything I've ever done so I don't get too upset.

How do you write your songs? Does one person do most and the others join in?

Jon: Depending on the song, but it's safe to say that musically Scott does a brunt of the work and then Sean (or Matt) and I would clean up spots, add new ideas, and the end product is a reformed version of Scott's "skeleton". Vocally, same idea, except Ted does the brunt of the work and everyone picks at it until it becomes what everyone hears

What else are all of you into? Sports, other bands ect.

Ted: None of us are really into sports anymore and we all take the band thing extremely seriously. Jon and Sean have a side project called No Questions Asked, but really we all just work, go to college and do ridiculous things in our off time like building a 200 ft slip and slide in our friend's back yard.

What has been your favourite place to play and why?

Jon: Well home is typically the place to be. Good friends, good times. We've had alot of fun in Daytona Beach and Virginia Beach in the past though. All of these places have qualities unlike alot of other places. Really fun, kind kids and an atmosphere that seems to welcome everyone that is there.

Where have you always wanted to tour?

Jon: The West Coast. None of us have been to CA so hopefully in the near future we can hit that side of the US and meet the rest of our label-mates

Ted: I always thought it would be awesome to go to Europe as a band and now here we are so now I have my sights set on Japan. Why not you know? I think it would be awesome to be able to look back and see that this little hardcore band that started in an abandoned trailer home took us around the world.

Who have you always wanted to play a show with?

Scott: Smashing Pumpkins

Sean: No Warning, Carry On

Jon: Trial, Suicide File

Ted: Modern Life is War, Gwar

Bob: Blink 182

What do you feel your band has that makes you stand out among your peers in the genre?

Ted: Heart. I know we all really believe in what we're doing and based on the reactions we've gotten I know it comes through in what we play. So many times I go and see bands who I thought I would be really into and they just stand there playing their instruments and it just baffles me. We love what we're doing and it shows.

How do you see your sound progressing and maturing? Was your latest album a complete thought, like you're ready to move on to something new and fresh, or will we see the next album pick up where this one left off?

Jon: That's something that we've been debating ourselves. "Not Now. Not Ever." was written more because the songs rocked live. Now we're faced with writing a record that has to be twice as long and we have to write accordingly. If we do another record based on the live show I think the cd would get boring rather quickly. I guess we're still tackling that issue but you can bet that the next album will have songs that remind you of the 8 song and yet push boundaries into a direction we're not even sure of yet.

Ted: I think that the last effort was a really solid start. We are planning on trying to take that energy and expand on it. We have the opportunity to sit down and write an actual record start to finish instead of a bunch of songs that fill up the reccomended amount of time and while right now it seems like it will be a greater challenge we are pretty excited about being able to tackle the writing aspect from a new direction and really see what we're capable of.

Who are your inspirations musically? What first gave you the desire to make music, back in the day?

Jon: I know that Scott and I started off rocking Rancid, NOFX, and Green Day "back in the day". I think that bands who had a message and still rocked inspired us the most. Bands like The Disaster, The Control, Trial by Fire, Stretch Armstong, Strike Anywhere, and countless others.

What is your take on the RIAA and downloading of MP3's?

Ted: I think that whole nonsense reflects the way the mainstream music industry works. They think you're stealing a songs because music is a product that can be bought and sold. For hardcore its different. I get excited when I know people are downloading our songs. It means that something we did is affecting someone else in one way or another. It's art and is made to be enjoyed. Sure its nice when we can break even but when I see huge bands going after their fans because they wanted to hear the bands music I get pissed. I would never get upset because someone wanted to hear my music. Those guys are ridiculous and in the end they will be alienated by the people who made them what they are.

Where do you think that your band will be a year from now? 5 years from now?

Jon: A year from now I think we're probably touring still and getting ready to record a full length. As far as 5 years from now... who the hell knows. Picking through dumpsters for canned goods, I don't think any of us think that far ahead, thats a whole quarter of the life we've lived.

Ted: I don't plan on living that long.

How do you see yourself, as a musician? Are you out to spread a message or prove a point? Are you like a musician hippie monk who spends hours in self improvement and soul searching? Is it just a hobby that went somewhere?

Ted: simply put, it's fun. We like playing music so we brought the show on the road. Now we get to play music in different cities. I'm really glad that we carry socially concisous messages and everytime I get a letter from someone who has been affected by my lyrics it is just incredible. When you boil everything down though we are 6 friends with a really meaningful hobby. What we are doing is a personal thing that we get to share with strangers.

Is your band the beginning and end of your music career, or a stage that will lead to another stage?

Ted: This isn't a career. This is a band. I think that we will all do other side projects but I see this band as being a perfect fit for me personally. We play a style that I love. I wouldn't want to be in any other band because I wouldn't be able to give it the kind of energy that I give to Another Breath and halfassing anything like this just isn't worth my time.

Seen any good movies lately?

Ted: Go see Fahrenheit 9/11. Like anything its got some fat to it. There is some bullshit but it paints a picture that falls on the opposite side of most of the things I hear in the news. It's always good to get that opposite perspective and question it like you would anything else.

Anything else you would like to add?

Sean: Mitchel

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