This interview originally appeared in AMP Magazine ( and was conducted by Kirby Unrest.

The latest addition to the already impressive Rivalry Records roster, Lynwood, CA’s More To Pride will put a smile on your face, some dance in your step, and will get an entire room stage diving and finger pointing in no time. I recently got a chance to talk with the band about their history, their sound, and much more. Take a look…

So give me the lowdown on More To Pride: members (and their respective positions in the group), where your from, when you started, and why you decided to do this band?

More To Pride is: Richard(vocals), Jesse(guitar), Seth(guitar), and Nip(bass) Eddy(drums), We're from Lynwood, CA. MTP started Mid 2003 after our other bands had broken up. We started MTP because we wanted to play music we all enjoyed playing and we wanted to get our point of views across.

What past projects have the members of MTP been in?

Not any that are note worthy haha, but we all have current side projects at the moment. Jesse and Richard play for another band called Headed Straight, and Seth and Eddy play in a band called Like It Or Not. Nip... he's just busy with school. or something like that.

Have you released anything previous to your new 7”/CD and what made you go with Rivalry over other potential labels?

2 Demos with our old singer a promo for the 7" with Richard on it. We decided on going with Rivalry because Kyle seemed very excited and dedicated to all his bands and when he approached us he seemed to know where we were coming from, growing up and not having it easy like most kids do. Kyle gave us a chance and believed in us and not many bands get that opportunity these days.

What made you choose the name More To Pride and what does it mean to you, individually and/or collectively?

More to pride is more like an unfinished term. Its meant to have several meanings; however, when we agreed on this name it was meant to show that there is more to pride than what the simpler minds think. It's about being proud of who you are, what you are, and where you come from. At the same time, not let pride take control of your actions and one must look past it and accept that one will sometimes be wrong.

You guys play old school hardcore, but I hear a lot of straight forward punk influence in there. Was that something you’ve always wanted to do with your sound?

Well its all about the punk rock roots dude! we started punk before we got into hardcore and its something that will never and doesnt seem to leave us. Growing up we all went to backyard gigs and to be honest we had no clue what kind of music was being played that night. seeing some of the local bands play really had an impact on us as far as wanting to play in a band. Early bands we all got into were Litmus Green, Final Conflict, Suicidal Tendencies,The Neighbors, and of course THE ALL MIGHTY MISFITS!!! maybe that's where our punk influences come from.

What topics/thoughts do you convey in your lyrics?

Basically our lyrics come from a lot of the shit we observe going on in our daily lives. We've all had our share of bad experiences, whether it be us or our friends getting beat up or threatend for no reason. It's pretty shitty not being able to walk down the street feeling comfortable in your own neighborhood. Sometimes it seems that people let pride get the best of them. We also have songs about friendship, anti violence, and the current state of hardcore.

Is More To Pride a straight edge band? What kind of role has straight edge played in your life?

More To Pride isn't a straight edge band but we're all very passionate about being straight edge because we've seen first hand with members of our family and friends the negative effects that drugs have on people.

What covers do you guys do usually besides the GB one?

Floorpunch, Side By Side, Cromags , Mouthpiece, Beastie Boys, and Suicidal Tendencies to name a few.

Tell the readers (and myself) a little about Lynwood, CA (interesting landmarks, places to get good eats, funny stories, etc) because the only thing I know about it is that it’s where “Weird” Al Yankovic is from. Speaking of the which, have you guys ever met him and if so, when is the MTP/Weird Al tour? ;)

When you come down to Lynwood be sure to hit up Tam's Burgers! they have the best burgers and fries in town! If you're in the mood for a little shopping head on down to Plaza Mexico! formerly known as the world famous MARKET PLACE (that's one of lynwoods best known shopping centers) if you skate you can hit up the lynwood skate park and afterwards head down to the ball court and get a little one on one action. Here's some crazy shit that everyone in Lynwood remembers.... we all remember this man that called himself "Night Man" he was a black man in his late 30's or early 40's that used to walk around in a full armor suit! he had a hat like walker texas ranger, 2 ninja swords, 10 ninja stars, 2 guns, a bullet proof vest and a jerry curl! he would walk around passing out business cards saying "Night Man licensed body guard for hire. NEVER WALK THE STREETS AGAIN IN FEAR" To answer your question about weird Al... Yes we know him, we had dinner with him once and actually hang out with him once in a while.... WE'RE TOTALLY LYING! we've never met the guy! we do know that his old house is next to the old Lynwood High School though.

Favorite cheesy 80’s song of all time?

Heart's On Fire - John Cafferty (from the rocky 4 soundtrack)

What do you think is the worst trend in hardcore right now?

Scene Violence and Tough guy attitudes.

Last words?

There's nothing cool at all about being in a gang or from the hood. All you kids who think being hood makes you tough or respected.. you're full of shit. Be thankful for everything you have."When you use violence.. it never fucking ends!"

SHOUT OUTS TO THE HOMIES: LYNWOOD CREW, Make Move, Countdown, Final Fight, Internal Affairs, All The Rivalry bands, All the NOR CAL AND SO CAL KIDS much love to all you guys and all of our friends from east to west.




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