(Interview originally appeared at www.iohyouth.com and was conducted by Vinnie on 06/03/2004 with Go It Alone drummer, Lucas. Below is the original interview, in it's entirety.)

Vinnie IOH: Okay before we start this, let me warn you that I'm totally unprepared. [laughs] I always wanted to try doing an interview like this, so I guess the time has come.

Lucas GIA: It's cool.

Vinnie IOH: So, how about you start by telling us who does what in the band right now?

Lucas GIA: Mark Palm yells, Norm Drouillard plays bass, Graeme Honeyman Plays Guitar, Scott Freeman plays Guitar and I play drums. That's how it's been since about October

Vinnie IOH: Yeah, I think at some point you had members from The Red Light Sting in the band too right?

Lucas GIA: Yeah Greg Adams who sings in RLS played guitar with us. RLS is seriously full time now and he couldn't find the time for both.

Vinnie IOH: I read your bio on your site and it's quite unusual how the band started. What's the full story about Mark travelling the world and all?

Lucas GIA: We did the demo in the spring of 2002 with plans to find members and make it a real band after mark had finished a summer of touring with his and Norms old band the Attack. Upon returning from tour it came to light that Mark had run into a obscene inheritance and used it, understandably, to travel the other side of the globe. When he got back we chatted and decided to get GIA going as a real band. It started out kinda slow but withing 6 months we did the EP and toured both coasts.

Vinnie IOH: Well, for what it's worth, I was blown away by Vancouver Gold. How have the crowds reacted to you guys so far?

Lucas GIA: Kind of Manic. It's great. I think kids relate to some of the more personal shit. Which is on one level good but on another kind of scary that so many people find something in common with a song about the pit of depression. But yeah crowd reactions have been intense to say the least. Especially on this last winter tour of the west coast. I was blown away.

Vinnie IOH: Yeah, what's up with the East Coast hate? [laughs] Are you hitting the Atlantic anytime soon?

Lucas GIA: Maybe when I can walk better and get stron enough. We played the east coast last summer which was a raggedy messed up bad ass tour. We we're supposed to be out again in July but then I broke my spine and fucked that plan up.

Vinnie IOH: Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that. How did that happen? It's a really serious injury.

Lucas GIA: Yeah I almost died. I was hiking with Mark from GIA and another kid called Baranacle. We wanted to get to the beack but the trail was going to take three hours so we opted for the straight shot down the side of the mountain. At one point it got really tracherous so apparently (this is where my brain craps out on the memory) we decided to locate the trail. I though I saw it and we started running towards it then I dissapeared. The dirt came out from under me and I fell 580 feet. A bunch of slides bounces and free falls. I broke my pelvis, spine neck, my right arm was fractured in half and I broke a bunch of ribs. I just started walking a week ago and got released from the rehab centre as an out patient today. Now I have months of rehab ahead after a two month institutional stay.

Vinnie IOH: Holy crap... Well I hope you get well soon. The band is taking a break until you get better right?

Lucas GIA: Yeah no fill ins. They're being patient plus they have other projects like Shook Ones and Paper Lanterns to keep em busy. When I'm better we'll be back

Vinnie IOH: Can you tell me a bit about those side projects? Who's playing in them and are they both hardcore bands?

Lucas GIA: Paper Lanterns is Not. That's pure pop punk. Graeme just got recruited on drums, I think it's cause of the Beatles influence. Shook Ones has Mark on Drums and Norm on Bass and Scott on Vocals and sounds like and angrier Kid Dynamite. Both have demos out and Shook Ones is recording an EP soon.

Vinnie IOH: Damn, everybody is multi-talented. Er... whatever that means. What I'm saying is that it's cool when band members get to do something different in another band.

Lucas GIA: Everyone in the band plays most stuff; some better than others.

Vinnie IOH: Nice!

Lucas GIA: Yeah, I hate playing anything but drums. Luckily everybody needs that.

Vinnie IOH: Drummers are so rare though. And drummers are always the ones leaving the band first. Any comments on that?

Lucas GIA: We're flakes? I dunno it's taken me a long ass time to find something I'm happy with. I've got it with GIA but then I had to go ahead and break my spine.

Vinnie IOH: I was just kidding. I think this is our first interview with a drummer too. Since you're also Canadian, are you a big Neil Peart fan?

Lucas GIA: Hell no. Luckily that shit is 3000 miles away in Ontario. Keep Rush away.

Vinnie IOH: Really? Okay then who do you think are the best drummers?

Lucas GIA: I always Loves Luke Garro from In My Eyes and Fastbreak. We can't forget Pete Appleby of Count Me Out. I believe that's who plyed drums on 110. Bask in my ignorance. I also Love Cris Bratton from Chain, and Tim Latona of Botch. The Early stuff that came out when I was about 14 got me very stoked.

Vinnie IOH: Oh word, I love Chris Bratton.

Lucas GIA: He cheated with reckless abandon. That lazy right hand. But even though it makes me sick, I can see past his flaws. Far too much nutsack in his playing to get hung up on trivial shit. He just ruled.

Vinnie IOH: He also played in Inside Out.

Lucas GIA: Oh I know. So bad ass. It's too bad he dissapeared.

Vinnie IOH: No Spiritual Surrender has some really good drumming.

Lucas GIA: Oh definitely, not to mention that great late 80's early 90's trashy ass reverb drumming. I want that sound

Vinnie IOH: While on the topic of hardcore, I've read that GIA are big Battery fans.

Lucas GIA: My favourite band and Mark's as well. That was the original idea, starting a band with two influences Battery and Outlast (Sweden). We've covered two of their songs now

Vinnie IOH: We named the zine after a Battery song. One of the most underrated bands. What songs did you cover?

Lucas GIA: They're slowly becoming appreciated after their time. We covered What I'd Give and Has Been. We'll do more, we'll get the Battery set happening.

Vinnie IOH: Shit, I'd die to see that happen. Next time you play here, I'm gonna be in front yelling for a "Go Back To The Gym" cover.

Lucas GIA: We'll be out there one day. I've never been past Winnepeg in Canada. I'm personally pushing for the factory.

Vinnie IOH: I'll be waiting. For some reason, I hear a greater Chain Of Strength influence in your sound than a Battery one.

Lucas GIA: Yeah, we get that and Count Me Out. The new stuff strays a lot from that Chain/Count Me Out vibe though.

Vinnie IOH: Should we be expecting a new release from you guys soon?

Lucas GIA: We were supposed to record during the last two weeks of may, but my legs didn't work and still dont fully. I'm not going into the studio until I'm in top form so we may have to wait a while.

Vinnie IOH: Is it gonna be released on Rival or Straight On Records?

Lucas GIA: Rival. Keep an eye on them They've got some good shit coming up.

Vinnie IOH: Mmm, I'm starting to run out of questions. Anything I haven't covered yet? [laughs] I think that was the best question I've ever asked in an interview.

Lucas GIA: All I do is the painful shit like booking and merch and the like. You'd have to talk to Mark about Lyrics and meaning. You got any shit you want to ask? Just go for it if that's the case. Push my buttons.

Vinnie IOH: Oh I usually ask this. What do you do when you're not taking care of band duties?
Lucas GIA: Norm is Bike Courier, Graeme runs a teen centre and works at a daycare centre, Mark skateboards, plays hardcore and steals stuff, Scott cares for reptiles, and usually scuba dive and play more hardcore

Lucas GIA: that should say and I scuba divet, etc...

Vinnie IOH: Cool, Mark steals stuff haha... Maybe he shouldn't have blown all of his inheritance money.

Lucas GIA: But he got to see Europe, vomit in the Middle East and box in Africa. It was worth it.

Vinnie IOH: Alright, I'm pretty much running out of juice so I'll shoot you a few short answer questions. Minor Threat vs. Black Flag?

Lucas GIA: Minor Threat all the way, the rest of the band may dissagree.

Vinnie IOH: Youth Of Today vs. Slapshot

Lucas GIA: YOT tainted any goodness that surrounds them with this constant reunion bullshit. None of us ever liked slapshot but they win by default.

Vinnie IOH: What do you think about the upcoming Insted reunion though?

Lucas GIA: Better than I do about Youth Of Today.

Vinnie IOH: Canucks vs. Lions?

Lucas GIA: I'll have to represent Graeme and go with the Canucks. Often times he fears that those around him arent watching ENOUGH hockey.

Vinnie IOH: I think it's a common Canadian concern. Your varsity rip-off shirt's design reminds me of the Lions' logo.

Lucas GIA: Oh it is the Lions logo, with a little piece of the B erased.

Vinnie IOH: Oh no wonder. Alright, last one. Top 5 records of all time!

Lucas GIA: Battery - Until The End, Judge - Bringin' It Down, Right Brigade - S/T, Count Me Out - 110, From Ashes Rise - all. The last one squeezed in a few LPs, but it the same band.

Vinnie IOH: Well thanks so much for your time, I appreciate it. Got anything left to say? Shout outs, words of wisdom, threats...

Lucas GIA: Thank you for the interview. Give us time and we'll be back on the road. Norm would like to say fuck Christian hardcore (that's his thing), Mark would like to shout out those who continue to support the essential choice of Veganism (that's his deal), I would like to give my support to the true straight edge kids who continue to be a part of this rebellion (that's my deal), Graeme would like to suggest that everyone watch more hockey and spend more time with kids in a good way (that's his main gig), and Scotterson would like to call for a mass Irish diaspora leading to a new life free of persecution (he's Irish).

Vinnie IOH: Well I'll be waiting for you guys here, and don't forget to learn "Go Back To The Gym" before you hit the East Coast!

Lucas GIA: We just might.

Vinnie IOH: Awesome. Have a good recovery too.

Lucas GIA: Thank you dude.




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