the damage done - "city of hope" 7"/cdep

The final release from The Damage Done, and what a fiasco the pressing of the vinyl for this release was. Read on...

Pressing summary:
1st press: 20 test presses, 28 white vinyl w/normal labels, 150 white vinyl w/inversed labels, 45 red vinyl, 594 transparent orange vinyl

2nd press: 177 on solid blue vinyl, 550 on solid orange vinyl

20 TEST PRESSES, hand numbered with alternate cover

Test pressings have an alternate cover and are hand-numbered out of 20 on the record's label and also on the back of the cover. Some test pressings are personalized if they were given away as gifts or to friends.

We checked these test presses thoroughly and they sounded just fine, which is why we were so surprised with what happened later down the line. Read on...

1ST PRESS:   (Less than 100 of the total 1st pressing got into circulation, the rest will be destroyed)


We asked for 150 on white vinyl, but when I went to pick up the records (the day before Sink With California Festival 2004), they only had 28 white and the 500 transparent orange records for me because they had run out of labels. They promised to send me the remainder of the 150 on white vinyl once they got more labels printed. Weird situation, but at this point, nothing has gone terribly wrong - these 28 white vinyl copies look just fine, notice they have the exact same labels as the tansparent orange vinyl copies. NOTE: We listend to a few white vinyl copies, and they seemed to sound OK too. Read on...


Transparent orange vinyl - notice the labels for the 28 white vinyl and the orange vinyl is exactly the same. NOTE: we did NOT listen to any of the orange copies right after receiving them. Shortly after selling a bunch of white and orange copies at Sink With Cali 2004, we began shipping out the few white copies and the transparent orange copies to pre-orders that we had received. Read on....

150 WHITE VINYL, with inversed labels

Weeks later, we finally received the remainder of the 150 white vinyl copies in the mail. The new labels that the pressing plant had printed have been inversed - notice the difference between the white copy to the left and the white/orange copies above. Not that huge of a deal, but still annoying after having to wait a few extra weeks for the remainder of the records that I'd already paid for. Keep reading, we're not done yet...


After we shipped out all of the pre-orders and finally got around to un-packing all of the boxes of TDD 7"s, we found that half of a "transparent orange" box was really filled with RED vinyl copies. To make the transparent orange, they mix red and gold vinyl, so these must have been the end of the pressing when they started to run out of gold vinyl. These are most definitely transparent red vinyl, not orange in any way. This wasn't our biggest surprise though, that was yet to come. Read on...

NOTE: Less than 100 copies of the total 1st pressing got into circulation, the rest will eventually be destroyed.



Nearly one month after sending out all of the pre-orders, selling them at shows, and sending them out to a few smaller distros, Ryan Baker from the Physical Challenge is down visiting in California and makes a comment that all of the TDD 7"s that we gave the Phys to distro on tour sound really screwed up (NOTE: we gave them only transparent orange copies). So, we throw on a transparent orange copy, and sure enough, it sounds terrible. The A-side sounds like it's switching back and forth between 33 and 45 rpm, and we can see the needle visibly sliding all over the place. So, we throw on a white vinyl copy to check it, and it is screwed up, but not nearly as bad. ...Continued below.


We put on a few others, and some were much more noticeable than others. Turns out that the white vinyl copy that I listened to when i got them back from the plant was one of the ones that didn't sound too bad. So, to make a long story short, something got screwed up on the A-side of the vinyl lacquers AFTER pressing the test presses, but BEFORE they did the 1st pressing of the TDD 7". Luckily, we got the pressing plant to do another complete press of the 7" for free, and the SOLID BLUE and the SOLID ORANGE copies that you see here make up the 2nd press (and they sound just fine, just like the test presses did). Less than 100 of the total 1st pressing got into circulation, the rest will be destroyed.

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