internal affairs / allegiance split 7"

This was a split release with Malfunction Records, and was somewhat of a nightmare due to tons of mishaps from the pressing plant.

Pressing summary:
- 20 test presses with alternate covers
- 400 on gold vinyl
- 1480 on black vinyl, with normal covers
- 100 on black vinyl, with posi #'s "skinhead" cover
- 120 on black vinyl, with posi #'s "green snake" cover

20 TEST PRESSES, hand numbered with alternate cover

Test pressings have an alternate cover and are hand-numbered out of 20 on the the back of the cover.


We were supposed to get SOLID yellow vinyl, but the pressing plant screwed up and sent us transparent gold vinyl. Whatever, turned out looking cool anyway.


There's about 10 out of the 400 on gold vinyl that came out "dirty" with some black vinyl in the gold. Some just have a few black streaks here and there, but 3 or 4 actually came out looking like this rootbeer color. These copies are the result of the transition between the gold vinyl and the black vinyl in the machine at the pressing plant.

1480 BLACK VINYL, with normal covers

A total of 1700 were pressed on black vinyl, but 1480 ended up with the "real" covers, the other 220 were split between two limited covers, shown below.


About 20 or so (???) of the black vinyl copies with regular covers have duplicate labels on both sides. Instead of side A having the Internal Affairs label and side B having the Allegiance label, these copies have Internal Affairs labels on both sides, or Allegiance label on both sides. We're not exactly sure how many of each came out this way because we couldn't check every single record, but most of the ones that were found accidentally got shipped off in distro orders to Europe. If you've got one, consider yourself lucky, we doubt that there's more than 20 or so in existance!

120 BLACK VINYL, with silk screend cover for Posi #'s 2004

120 of the black vinyl copies had this "green snake" cover, which was silk screened by hand by Robby Redcheeks, as a favor to Tru at Malfunction and Kyle at Rival (thanks Robby!). The covers appear to be hand numbered out of 200, but if you look closely, the last "0" is crossed out and a "1" is added in front of the 200 to make it look like "120." Basically, we took too long getting Robby the artwork and he was only able to bust out 120 covers before Tru had to pick them up on the way to Posi #'s 2004.

100 BLACK VINYL, with Posi #'s 2004 "Skinhead" cover

100 of the black vinyl copies had this hand numbered "Skinhead" cover, which was made by Internal Affairs for Posi #'s 2004. The story goes that Rival and Malfunction were making some silk-screened limited covers for the fest (shown above), but somehow the wires got crossed in communication with Internal Affairs, and the band made their own "skinhead" covers the day before the fest. We both showed up at the fest around the same time and realized that each of us had made our own covers. Rather than trash them, we just went ahead and sold our copies, and Internal Affairs went ahead and sold their copies.

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