go it alone - "the only blood between us" cd/lp

The first full length recording from Go It Alone.

Pressing summary:
- CD (still in press)
1st press: 15 test presses, 160 on grey, 210 on black/white/grey tri-color, 640 on clear (78 rec release, 562 regular cover)
2nd press: 420 clear vinyl w/"II" b-side label, 420 clear vinyl w/blank labels (200 Euro Tour 2005 stamps, 100 May 2006 USA tour stamp, 120 Euro Tour 2006 sleeve)


15 test presses were made. Test presses have an alternate cover and are hand-numbered. Some test pressings are personalized with a hand written name and/or message on the label.


160 GREY VINYL (Pre-Orders)

Copies on GREY were only available to those who pre-ordered directly from Rivalry. We got quite a few more than 160 pre-orders so not ALL pre-orders got the grey vinyl. Orders were processed in the order that they were received.

210 BLACK/WHITE/GREY TRI-COLOR VINYL (Posi Fest 2005 version)

210 were pressed on this awesome tri-color vinyl for Posi Fest 2005 and were only available to those who purchased the LP directly from the Rivalry table at the fest. These records turned out awesome and I've never seen this type of colored vinyl on any other hardcore record!


There were a total of 640 pressed on CLEAR vinyl, 562 of which have the regular cover.

There were a total of 640 pressed on CLEAR vinyl, 78 of which were sold on on September 10th, 2005 and have this record release cover. The cover has a black ink on black cardstock hand screen-printed cover, and is numbered on the back cover. Each LP has some special inserts. Some have a funny photocopy close-up of Graham (guitar) making some weird kind of "snarling face" or something. Others have live pictures of Lucas or Mark (or both) printed on transparencies. cover.


420 CLEAR VINYL w/"II" label, 420 CLEAR VINYL w/blank labels

The 2nd press of the GIA LPs are on clear vinyl and have a roman numeral "II" at the bottom of the b-side label. Yup, they're on clear vinyl, just like the "regular" ones from the 1st pressing. Here at RVL, we rarely do black vinyl, for a couple of reasons: 1. the obvious: it's hard to get rid of black vinyl these days, especially LPs! and 2. I've always felt that vinyl was a special "collector" thing that made a release more special to me and I think it's cool when vinyl is pressed such that it matches the layout and generally just "looks cool". However, I really try to stay away from over-doing colored vinyl and limited versions, as it simply waters down and dilutes good records! CONTINUED IN BOX BELOW.....

So here at Rivalry, our "regular" pressings from the 1st pressing is essentially our "black vinyl" - that is, successive pressings will also be on that "regular color". BUT, I've always liked how a lot of the old hardcore punk records have something distinguishable on them to be able to tell which pressing they came from - whether it's different matrix etchings (YOT records) or different prices/address on the record's jacket (Dischord / Rev), without actually doing something too obvious like a new color of vinyl. For this one, we stole shamelessly from BRIDGE NINE RECORDS (they did this on the 4th press of the A.N. "Sun" 7").

200 CLEAR VINYL hand stamped labels #/300 (Euro Tour 2005)

Yes, you read that right - there are 200 with hand stamped labels, BUT they are numbered out of 300? Why? Well, Go It Alone was headed to Europe for their Summer 2005 European Tour, and we were getting low on LPs, so we did a 2nd press of LPs on clear vinyl. The band got the records late, about 6 shows into the tour. They promptly stamped 200 of them, planning to number the rest of them as they needed them. At the end of tour, they had sold through only about 200 records since they had gotten them late. Instead of numbering the other 100, we just decided to keep them with blank labels and we'll use them for something else later on.

100 CLEAR VINYL hand stamped labels #/100 (May 2006, U.S. Tour)

100 more of the second pressing with blank labels was used for Go It Alone's U.S. Tour in May 2006. Clear vinyl, hand-stamped white labels that says "GIA U.S. Tour May 2006". Labels are hand numbered out of 100.

120 CLEAR VINYL, Euro Tour Summer 2006

The remaining 120 second pressing copies with blank labels were used for the European Tour in Summer 2006 with ALLEGIANCE. These copies have the limited cover shown to the left. They also have the date of the show and the city/venue hand-written on the label. For example, mine says: "Paris, France. Nouveau Casino. 25.06.06"

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