verse "from anger and rage" lp

VERSE's 2nd full length, packaged in a gatefold LP jacket.

Pressing summary:
1st press: 20 test presses, 110 "mint chip", 270 red/yellow swirl, 670 white, 108 record release covers
2nd press: 305 red/white nuclear pattern, 720 total on white - 110 w/S&F cover and 610 w/regular cover, all have "II" b-side label


20 test presses were made and come with the normal LP jackets because we had a few extras lying around. A-side label is hand numbered out of 20, the b-side label is stamped with a RED Rivalry stamp. Some test pressings are personalized with a hand written name and/or message on the label.

110 on "MINT CHIP" VINYL (half brown/half green)

110 were pressed on this horribly ugly "mint chip" pressing of half brown/half green vinyl that was only available to friends and a few lucky pre-orders (a few were thrown in to certain pre-orders to say thanks for all the loyal support over the years)! The story goes like this: Sean & Shawn from VERSE and myself were sitting in my office one morning after a show at Gilman, and we were talking about wanting to do a friend/band-only press of this LP. We decided we wanted to come up with the ugliest color combination that could go with the RED LP labels/cover art. We settled on this option because Shawn really wanted a half/half split, I really love mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Sean really just wanted something that would be horribly ugly... I think we succeeded!

270 on RED/YELLOW SWIRL VINYL (Pre-order)

270 were pressed on RED/YELLOW SWIRL vinyl and were only available by pre-ordering directly from This may be my favorite color combination that we've done yet. I think it looks so fucking awesome. These sold out very quickly and were strictly first come, first served.


670 were pressed on WHITE vinyl.


The band spray painted "8.27.06" on the cover of 108 LPs for their record release show at End Of Summer Jam 2006 in MA. The inner dust sleeves are hand stamped and numbered out of 108. Most of these LPs were WHITE vinyl (1st pressing) copies. Some had the RED/WHITE tour pressing vinyl (2nd pressing). Exact numbers of each are unknown, but a close guess is about 80 on WHITE vinyl, leaving only 28 or so with the RED/WHITE vinyl.



305 were pressed on this RED/WHITE NUCLEAR PATTERN vinyl for Verse's Summer 2006 Tour with Have Heart and Shipwreck. They were first available at Sound And Fury Fest on July 28/29/30.

720 on WHITE VINYL - 110 S&F Jacket, 610 Regular Cover

A total of 720 were pressed on WHITE w/"II" beside label. 610 have the regular cover, and 110 of them have jackets spray painted for Sound and Fury Fest 2007 (see below for more info).

2nd pressing has the "II" b-side label...

(NOTE: the picture shown here is actually the GO IT ALONE "The Only Blood Between Us" LP b-side label, but the "II" looks very similar on the record discussed here)

110 of the WHITE 2nd pressing copies have jackets spray painted with gold spray paint "$ + F 2007" for Sound and Fury Fest 2007. A-side label is stamped and numbered 1 through 110. B-side labels have a small "II" printed on the label, that is the only difference between the 1st pressing copies on white vinyl.

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