betrayed "substance" lp

Betrayed's "Substance" LP (CD released on Equal Vision Records). Packaged in a gatefold LP jacket.

Pressing summary:
1st press: 10 test presses, 218 baby pink, 328 solid blue, 622 white
2nd press: 1030 white w/"II" b-side label


10 test presses were made and come with the normal LP jackets because we had a few extras lying around. A-side label is hand numbered out of 10, the b-side label is stamped with a BLACK Rivalry stamp. Some test pressings are personalized with a hand written name and/or message on the label.

218 on BABY PINK VINYL (Record Release)

218 were pressed on BABY PINK vinyl and were only available by purchasing directly from the band at Sound And Fury Festival 2006 (record release).

328 on SOLID BLUE VINYL (Pre-order)

328 were pressed on SOLID BLUE vinyl and were only available by pre-ordering directly from These sold out very quickly and were strictly first come, first serve.


622 were pressed on WHITE vinyl.


1030 on WHITE VINYL w/"II" on b-side label

1030 were pressed on WHITE vinyl for the 2nd pressing. B-side labels have a small "II" printed on the label, that is the only difference between the 1st pressing copies on white vinyl.

2nd pressing on white has the "II" b-side label

(NOTE: the picture shown here is actually the GO IT ALONE "The Only Blood Between Us" LP b-side label, but the "II" looks very similar on the record discussed here)

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