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Verse - "Aggression" (RVL030)

VERSE Aggression is a statement. In the world of hardcore, bands hardly make it to a third full-length, and rarely, is it their most impassioned and urgent. Yet, Verse has done just that. Frontman Sean Murphy has spent the last five years screaming his lungs out, but Aggression is their most developed and politically pointed release. From the opening chaos of “The New Fury” throughout the six and a half minute epic “Story of a Free Man”- it’s clear where Verse stands with songs about the politically oppressed and the current political and social landscape set to a vitriolic wall of hardcore. The scene hasn’t had a band this outspoken and critical of our world in a long time and we need it. CD released by Bridge 9.

From Anger And Rage DD6,CD
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Aggression CD
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01. The New Fury
02. Old Guards, New Methods
03. Suffering To Live, Scared To Love
04. Signals
05. Scream
06. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter One: The End Of Innoc
07. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter Two: The Cold Return
08. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter Three: Serenity
09. Blind Salvation
10. Unlearn
11. Earth And Stone
12. Sons And Daughters

  Onesheet RVL030

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