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Time For Living - "The Cheat Is Not Dead" (RVL002)

Time For Living, heiling from the San Francisco Bay Area, break through with their debut 10 song recording featuring 5 brand new songs and 5 re-recorded songs from their 2002 Demo. Taking the best parts of traditional hard-nosed New York style hardcore and throwing in a melodic edge here and there, Time For Living has really come into their own. Mix the strength of classic NYHC acts such as Madball and Killing Time with the hearts of more modern bands like Modern Life Is War, and you're probably getting close to understanding what Time For Living is bringing to the table. With lyrical content focusing on rising above in times of desperation and fighting the fight when things look grim, this debut effort from Time For Living is a statement that they certainly have not forgotten the struggle.

The Cheat Is Not Dead Poster
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DIV924 T-Shirt
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01. Intro
02. The Cheat Is Not Dead
03. Just A Friendly Reminder
04. Population: Tire
05. The King Of Town
06. Discount Brick
07. On The Line
08. Mending
09. Promises
10. Undying Hope
11. Could Be The Last

"The recording is flawless and the lyrics are insightful and honest.. Time For Living are bound to blow up, crossover and take over each of those respective scenes." More >>

"Solid NYHC from the left coast, with a little twist of their own." More >>

"If KILLING TIME and MADBALL is your cup of tea youŽll like this one." More >>

"The rhythm section is really tight and grooving and the vocals are brutal." More >>

"Excellent musicianship and production make this release worth your time and money." More >>

"This will definitely have the kids going apeshit at Gilman." More >>

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