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Another Breath - "Not Now, Not Ever" (RVL007)

The debut EP from up-state New York's ANOTHER BREATH that will leave you wondering how in the hell you've never heard of this band before. Fast, driving hardcore, layered guitar harmonies, socially conscious lyrics, and a definite rock influence that brings to mind the likes of Suicide File, American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite, and The Disaster. Recorded at God City with Kurt Ballou of Converge fame.

Mill City DD4,CD
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Not Now, Not Ever Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt
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01. Racing A Fading Image
02. Token
03. Rotting
04. Clio
05. Passing The Torch
06. Surfacing
07. 17 Minutes
08. Truth In Television

  Onesheet RVL007

"...Some melodies here and there, and lyrics focused on social issues. To sum up, the perfect mix for one amazing hardcore release." More >>

"It's very, very rare that a band comes from out of nowhere (Fulton, NY, just outside of Syracuse to be exact) and puts out something this phenomenal... This is some powerful modern hardcore right here. ..I'd have to say this is required listening for 2004." More >>

"Another Breath thrash through eight songs filled with more finger-pointing anthems than you can shake a stick at." More >>

"Probably my favorite release thus far in hardcore this year. " More >>

"The song explanations are totally sincere and actually show that these guys are either taking a different spin to common issues or exploring slightly different topics altogether, boiling down to living your life for yourself and making the best out of it. " More >>

"Another breath is one of those bands that will keep you hooked from start to finish without a second thought" More >>

"These guys are the real deal. This eight song, fifteen song ep will be the cornerstone for this bands future" More >>

"Clocking in with a sound/mindset that's sort of like a very pissed off STRIKE ANYWHERE along with slight comparisons to GIVE UP THE GHOST, these guys just ooze with musical ferocity and lyrical integrity" More >>

"The first seconds of this release made me sit up straight on my chair and reaching for the booklet to follow the songs." More >>

"Every song on this cd is written like it may be the last they’ll ever play and it shows. Don’t miss out. " More >>

"Overall, the band is just very tight, and the music is executed in a straight-forward and emotionally charged way." More >>

"While all of the songs may be very fast and furious, they’re also very melodic." More >>

"It’s gone in 15 minutes, but it leaves a fresh breath for a couple of hours." More >>

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