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Physical Challenge - "I Quit" (RVL009)

With their debut full-length, Portland's Physical Challenge have managed to put raw determination to music. This is 12 songs for everyone who wakes up every day banging their head against a wall, frustrated and screaming to be heard when no one is listening. Never afraid of seeming "uncool", they proudly wear their northwestern hardcore and classic rock influences on their sleeves. To anyone who has questioned whether or not to keep going and has found the resolve to stay, this is for you. Vinyl LP licensed to Punchline Productions and released in Germany on 12" vinyl format.

Some Still Care DD2,CDC
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I Quit Poster
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01. In The Middle
02. You're A Shitty Dude
03. The Hardest Part
04. Endless Summer
05. Enough Is Never Enough
06. 20 Years
07. What A Waste
08. Nothing Left
09. Song 3
10. Get Up
11. I'm Not Going Out
12. Don't Look At Me

"To think this is only their first full length, and what could've been of this band is something that I can't fathom." More >>

"First track on this reminds me straight off the bat of The Suicide File. Catchy hardcore with a little "rock" twist. " More >>

"It simply feels so fucking REAL! Iím always extremely thankful for bands that give me shivers down my spine.... This achieves that easily." More >>

"With the release of "I Quit," Physical Challenge have set the stage to become hardcore's next big thing. If you are a fan of the genre, this disc is essential listening." More >>

"I found myself spinning it again and again for hours... What really caught my attention is the bigger emphasis of on an almost newfound classic rock edge." More >>

"Anger filled hardcore without any frills. Positive, pissed and honest to the bone. " More >>

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