Devotion - "Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues" CD
LP TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - WE'LL GET MORE SOON. Devotion is the latest musical project from Mark Palm, the creative mind behind Go It Alone. This project finds Palm moving even further in the direction that was becoming evident in the final Go It Alone recordings: slow, dark, rock oriented hardc...
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Allegiance - "Overlooked RED/YELLOW 2nd PRESS /750" LP Colored Vinyl
2nd PRESS copies on RED / YELLOW SPLATTER colored vinyl (out of 750). Shipping now, first come first served! ...
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The Damage Done - "Never Wash Away BLUE 1ST PRESS /500" 7inch Colored Vinyl
I found about 15 1ST PRESS copies on BLUE colored vinyl (out of 500). Shipping now, first come first served! ...
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The Damage Done - "City Of Hope BLUE /150" 7inch Colored Vinyl
I found about 20 of these on BLUE colored vinyl (out of 150). Shipping now, first come first served! ...
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Red Handed - "Wounds Remain PURPLE / YELLOW SWIRL 1st PRESS /800" LP Colored Vinyl
1st PRESS copies on PURPLE / YELLOW SWIRL colored vinyl (out of 800). Shipping now, first come first served! ...
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Verse - "Aggression" CD
VERSE Aggression is a statement. In the world of hardcore, bands hardly make it to a third full-length, and rarely, is it their most impassioned and urgent. Yet, Verse has done just that. Frontman Sean Murphy has spent the last five years screaming his lungs out, but Aggression is their most develop...
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The First Step - "Connection" Digital
The "CONNECTION" E.P consists of 4 brand new songs from THE FIRST STEP. With their roots secured in the speedy, intense delivery of YOUTH OF TODAY and the positive mindset of INSTED, the band is showing more and more of a tendency towards MINOR THREAT's "Out Of Step" era with this release. The spe...
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Soul Control - "Involution" Digital, CDC, LPC Colored Vinyl
LP vinyl version is 2nd pressing on RED with "II" on b-side label.

Drawing influences from bands such as BURN, BANE, QUICKSAND, 108, and INTO ANOTHER, Soul Control breathes fire back into a long-dormant style of hardcore. Don't mistake this as a grasp at n...
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Rivalry - "Showcase 2007" DVDC
120 minutes of fully edited high quality video footage and photos from Rivalry Showcase 2007 at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA. February 23rd and 24th of 2007 marked the final Rivalry Showcase appearance for GO IT ALONE, and the majority of their set is included on this DVD. Other stand-outs inclu...
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Rivalry - "Rivalry Showcase 2006 DVD" DVDC
February 25, 2006 at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. Over 800 in attendance. Eleven bands coming together to celebrate Rivalry's third year in existance. CHAMPION's second to last show ever, a stand-out set by the now defunct BETRAYED, an insane lobby set from CEREMONY, TIME FOR LIVING's far...
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Rivalry - "Rivalry Showcase 2005 DVD" DVDC
A fully edited and compiled DVD with over 60 minutes of live footage from Rivalry Showcase #2 (held on January 29th, 2005), plus live photo galleries, interviews, and more! Features partial sets from Verse, Go It Alone, Allegiance, Internal Affairs, Killing The Dream, More To Pride, Time For Living...
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Red Handed - "Wounds Remain" Digital, CDC, LPC Colored Vinyl
Red Handed's debut full-length is 14 tracks full of raging, pissed off hardcore punk from the San Francisco Bay Area. Following in the footsteps of THE NERVE AGENTS and OUTBREAK, this band combines a similar formula of raw hardcore riffs, punk rock rhythm, and angry vocals. It's no secret that these...
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Allegiance - "Desperation" Digital, CD
With their sophomore full length "Desperation", ALLEGIANCE has tossed much of its youthful idealism aside and embraced a stripped down, bare bones, all out attack on the listener instead. The album embodies the weight of frustration that comes from giving everything you've got, only to be left with ...
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Allegiance - "Out Of My Blood" Digital
The wait for new ALLEGIANCE material is finally over! This 7" single serves as a preview of what's to come on ALLEGIANCE's second full length CD/LP "Desperation", slated for release in Summer 2007. 2 brand new songs of blistering NYHC style hardcore round out this limited one-sided 7". For fans o...
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Go It Alone - "Histories" Digital, CD
HISTORIES is the second full length release from Vancouver's own, GO IT ALONE. As a follow up to THE ONLY BLOOD BETWEEN US (July 2005, Rivalry Records), this 11 track album combines GIA's brand of melodic hardcore (BATTERY, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, COUNT ME OUT, DAG NASTY) with a darker, heavier sound a l...
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Go It Alone - "Histories Single" Digital
This limited 7" single contains a total of 3 brand new GO IT ALONE songs. It features 2 exclusive b-side tracks that will never appear anywhere else, along with the song "Love" from Go It Alone's full length CD/LP entitled "Histories" (released May 2007). Combining the melodic hardcore we've come ...
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Soul Control - "Self-Titled" Digital
Rising out of Providence, Rhode Island, SOUL CONTROL is one of hardcore's newest and most promising bands. Playing heavy, driving, rhythmic hardcore influenced by BAD BRAINS, BURN, BANE, 108, STRIFE, and QUICKSAND, this band is a reflection of a time when hardcore had much more compassion, awareness...
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Red Handed - "Self-Titled" Digital
Fast, pissed, punk. That pretty much sums up the first release by Rivalry's newest band, Red Handed. Reminiscent of the early 1980's California punk scene mixed with a healthy dose of POISON IDEA, this is an unexpected punch in the face. What's remarkable is that it's being provided by an unknown...
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Verse - "From Anger And Rage" Digital, CD
From the depths of an angry, lost generation's heart and soul comes the new CD/LP from VERSE entitled "From Anger And Rage". Serving as a follow up to the band's "Rebuild" CD/LP (Rivalry Records, August 2004), the new album is a manifestation of the band's growth, reflection, and their struggle to ...
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Another Breath - "Mill City" Digital, CD
"Mill City" is a 15 chapter tale of a mind on the familiar quest for life's meaning. Departing on a journey with destination unknown, ANOTHER BREATH has successfully captured so much of the familiar raw emotion that comes from our personal struggle to ultimately find our own place in the world. Co...
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The First Step - "What We Know" Digital, CD
The urgency and intensity of YOUTH OF TODAY, the positive delivery of INSTED, and a strongly rooted foundation in old D.C. and Orange County hardcore - THE FIRST STEP's first official full length release, "WHAT WE KNOW", picks up where they left off on the "Open Hearts and Clear Minds" EP, me...
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Betrayed - "Champion / BTD Split" Digital, CDC
This split E.P. combines 3 brand new exclusive songs from one of hardcore's most recognized bands, CHAMPION, with 3 new songs from one of hardcore's most exciting new bands, BETRAYED (featuring 2 members of CHAMPION and 2 members of CARRY ON). Both bands play fast, yet melodic hardcore in the vein ...
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Go It Alone - "GIA / Blue Monday Split" Digital, CDC
Vancouver's best have come together to produce the GO IT ALONE / BLUE MONDAY Split EP. More than just a hometown to them, Vancouver, British Columbia, not only defines these two as bands, it has shaped them as people. This record visually and musically showcases the bands, the people, and the comm...
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Allegiance - "Overlooked" Digital, CD, LPC Colored Vinyl
LP vinyl version is 2nd pressing YELLOW w/RED splatter and "II" on b-side label.

Overlooked", the long awaited full length recording from San Francisco's ALLEGIANCE is finally here. Two years in the making, this is undoubtedly their best material to date....
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Go It Alone - "The Only Blood Between Us" Digital
The first full length recording from GO IT ALONE is finally here. Pitted against the odds, the band has triumphed through personal tragedy, depression, and numerous member changes to bring you what is by far their most inspiring material to date. Featuring 10 brand new songs and 2 re-recorded favo...
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Allegiance - "Demo 2002" Digital
VINYL SOLD OUT - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. The entire 5 song Demo 2002, finally available on vinyl 7" format. Very limited run, only 500 ever pressed! This was originally pressed as a bonus 7" to those who ordered the re-release of the Allegiance "Self-Titled" CD on Rivalry. Those who pre-ordered t...
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Go It Alone - "Seven Inch Single" Digital
VINYL SOLD OUT - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. 1-sided 7" single that features 3 songs - 2 songs from "The Only Blood.." LP, plus a compilation track, "Ten Percent", that originally appeard on the NWHC compilation released by Perfect Victim. Very limited run, only 500 ever pressed! This was originally p...
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Go It Alone - "Vancouver Gold" Digital, CDC
The debut effort from GO IT ALONE, entitled "Vancouver Gold", is melodic hardcore at its best. Taking cues from the likes of CHAIN OF STRENGTH, GO IT ALONE mixes aggressive straight-ahead hardcore with an emotion that brings to mind only a few in recent memory, namely COUNT ME OUT and BATTERY. This...
More Info >>
Allegiance - "Self-Titled" Digital, CDC
Finally back in press, this is the Rivalry re-release of the ALLEGIANCE "Self-Titled" CD, originally released by Anchor Records in 2003. The record features 13 tracks (12 originals plus a Minor Threat cover) from the early days of the band, prior to the "Overlooked" CD/LP recording (available on Ri...
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More To Pride - "This Is Life" Digital, CDC
Forged in the grit and grime of Los Angeles County, MORE TO PRIDE brings to you a tale of anger, frustration, and everyday struggle. Growing up in Lynwood, CA, they have seen it all - gang violence, drug abuse, street riots, prostitution, poverty, and broken homes - and they've lived through it to ...
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Physical Challenge - "I Quit" Digital, CDC
With their debut full-length, Portland's Physical Challenge have managed to put raw determination to music. This is 12 songs for everyone who wakes up every day banging their head against a wall, frustrated and screaming to be heard when no one is listening. Never afraid of seeming "uncool", they p...
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Verse - "Rebuild" Digital, CD
The first full length recording from Providence, RI's VERSE is finally here. Featuring ex-members of WHAT FEEDS THE FIRE, this is 11 songs that will really make you feel the urgency to change yourself and change the world around you. The unique song writing and blistering vocal delivery found within...
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The Damage Done - "City Of Hope" Digital, 7inchC Colored Vinyl
Finally available on vinyl, this is the last recording from The Damage Done, originally released as a CDEP in September of 2003. Upon deciding to break up, they went into the studio and emerged 2 days later having layed down 5 unreleased songs of hope, anger, love, life, and laughter. It's always h...
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Another Breath - "Not Now, Not Ever" Digital, CDC
The debut EP from up-state New York's ANOTHER BREATH that will leave you wondering how in the hell you've never heard of this band before. Fast, driving hardcore, layered guitar harmonies, socially conscious lyrics, and a definite rock influence that brings to mind the likes of Suicide File, Americ...
More Info >>
Allegiance - "Split with Internal Affairs" Digital
NorCAL and SoCAL's premier edge bands come together to bring you some of today's best hardcore, proving that California hardcore is very much alive and well. L.A.'s Internal Affairs, often compared to Negative Approach, Infest, and early Agnostic Front/Madball, drop 5 songs that are guaranteed to p...
More Info >>
In Control - "Self Titled" Digital, CDC
This is the final release from Oxnard's IN CONTROL. The 7" features 3 brand new exclusive songs and a re-recorded version of "He Fails Me' (originally on THE TRUTH HURTS LP on Indecision Records). The CD version has 5 songs, including the four songs previously mentioned, along with a re-record of ...
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Killing The Dream - "Self Titled" Digital, MCD
Killing The Dream's debut effort features 5 brand new songs on vinyl (vinyl is currently out of stock), and a 10 song CD featuring all 5 new songs, plus the 5 songs from the 2003 demo. Killing The Dream plays a style of hardcore similar to that of modern hardcore bands like Comeback Kid, successful...
More Info >>
The Damage Done - "City Of Hope" Digital, CDC, 7inchC Colored Vinyl
This is the last recording from The Damage Done. Upon deciding to break up, they went into the studio and emerged 2 days later having layed down 5 unreleased songs of hope, anger, love, life, and laughter. It's always hard to see good bands break up, and it's even more so when they do it by showing ...
More Info >>
Time For Living - "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Digital, CDC
Time For Living, heiling from the San Francisco Bay Area, break through with their debut 10 song recording featuring 5 brand new songs and 5 re-recorded songs from their 2002 Demo. Taking the best parts of traditional hard-nosed New York style hardcore and throwing in a melodic edge here and there,...
More Info >>
Physical Challenge - "Some Still Care" Digital, CDC
5 songs from Portland, Oregon's Physical Challenge. No gimmicks. No frills. This is the soundtrack to stage dives, late nights, and fist fights....
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